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It's never too late to recalculate

Why does it sometimes seem we'll never get back on track? Never find that right road, never make that turn that will get us to where we're trying to go?

I think we never want to stop trying to prove that we can be independent, have a mind that thinks for itself. I mean, those GPSs are wonderful.....well, if they're so wonderful, why do we argue with them and keep going even when "Recalculate" is heard over and over and over?

Maybe somewhere along the way we're thinking that surely we should have known how to find our way by now without a "talking person in a box" having to direct us..point out when we're made a wrong turn or didn't make a turn at all.

Whatever the reason we get frustrated enough to argue with a little gadget and sometimes defy that voice and keep going, let's never forget that it's never too late to recalculate. We can go back, our dear Lord God will help us get back to the last place we saw the light even if we&#…