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Christmas is REAL

Ever since I was a little girl, I've been more or less enthralled with Christmas.  I'd been taken to church ever since I was a baby, so I knew why we celebrated Christmas.  I'd also enjoyed looking and anticipating Santa Claus ever since I could remember. 

I realize that it could have been a little confusing for a young mind and heart to try and process the beauty of the birth of Jesus and the fun of waiting for Santa Claus.  For some reason, it just wasn't complex to me...

Maybe it's because as I grew older, Jesus became so real to me as Savior...and then "Santa" became "real" as I learned the priceless truth that Jesus was a gift to us...and wanted to teach us the blessing of giving. 

I'm not embarrassed at all that Jesus and Santa were both intertwined back then and still are.  Jesus gave, and still gives. Sometimes He does that in the form of someone who loves me very much with skin on. 

I'm thankful!