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Him Over Them

People periodically ask me why I keep doing what I do.  I usually say something like, "I just do what I do because I am convinced that I am to do it... it's His will and plan for me."

I guess it is a bit unusual that a 70 year old widow would still be "beating the roads," as they say.  I don't give much thought to that.  Remember...  it's just what I do.

Now to you.  Are you doing what you just know you're to do?  If so, then be pleased and at peace.  It's always a good thing to look for greater heights, push forward with new ideas, etc., but don't let your peace of mind and heart be disturbed by what somebody else might think you need to be doing... or don't need to be doing.

Sure it's always right to seek Him, make sure you are staying on course with His plan and asking Him often to check you if you're not.  Trust what He says.  HE KNOWS THE WAY, whether anybody else agrees or not!

The "Between Now and Then" Moments

In the fall for the past 25 years, I have started planning (along with a great committee) for MIDDLE TENNESSEE WOMEN'S RETREAT...held in the spring.  It's what I look forward to when I see the first signs of autumn because the memories of past retreats start to rise up in my heart and I get excited!

But, you know what?  I don't want to miss what goes on during the "everydayness" that has nothing to do with a retreat.  What about celebrating and planning and being excited about the phone call that came in at just the right time?  What about that little guy dancing with great enthusiasm to my music
in church this Sunday (didn't bother him a bit that he was the only one showing that much enthusiasm).  What about meeting a man just released from being on death row for something like 30 years... DNA proving he's been innocent all this having the privilege to witness his love for God and refusal to be bitter in any way?  He's so in love with Jesus u…