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I love this special time of remembering to be thankful.

I realize that it's easy to say "thank you," but is it as easy to be truly thankful... to have a heart that is overflowing with gratitude?  I like to refer to it as a "spirit of Thanksgiving."  I want that spirit to consume me.  Do you want it to consume you, too?

If I'm walking in the "spirit of Thanksgiving," even the smallest gesture can warm my heart.  Just a day or so ago, Karissa and I were walking into business establishments (within a couple hours of each other) and each time there was a different young man who made a point, not of running to get inside before we did, but instead, each with a smile, held the door open for us.  When we both said, "Thank you.", each of them seemed almost embarrassed to say "You're welcome."  I took it that they just wanted to be kind and didn't expect anything from us in return.

I want to be in the spirit of Thanksgiving... join…

Exploding Heads... Not Attractive

When you're pushed into a corner, how do you respond?  Do you keep your head on straight to determine the next step in the right direction?

Confession time... I am horrible at this.  I tend to overreact and often say more than I should.  Many times, it seems my brain simply stands still.  Perhaps it should.  Then, maybe I won't say more than needs to be said at the moment.

I know I need to work on this.  I need to ask God to help me find ways to relax more, listen more, and be more careful with what comes out of my mouth when I'm feeling vulnerable, a little scared, and unsure of the situation's final outcome.

Please hear me say again, it is HIS help that will make the difference.  I believe He wants to help us think more clearly and respond to these tight places in such a way as to bring results which glorify Him and His people.