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Fear: Terrorism of the Mind

It is no secret.  We live in perilous times.  Twice this year Ann and I have participated in church services where intense personalities and intense moments precipitated the need for  weapons to be pulled and placed in the pew beside their owners.  In neither case, praise the Lord, did the weapons have to be used, but having been in the room observing the circumstances, there was a distinct urgency and likelihood that force could have been needed for the protection of innocent church goers.  It's amazing the difference eight years can make.  That happens to be how long I've been at Downing Ministries.

When I first came to work here, the thought never crossed my mind that on any given Sunday I might be the only person standing between an intruder with deadly force and hundreds of unarmed worshipers.  The reality is, due to the typical placement of sound equipment, I'm usually closest to the entrance or up in a balcony where I can oversee everything happening below.  I'd …

To Know He Hears

I can remember as a kid, I’d often try to get Mama’s attention, which wasn’t an easy task; she was always focused on whatever she was doing at the time.  Mama had a strong work ethic, and when she was in the middle of a project, she didn’t have much time for anything else.  I’d say, “Mama” and a lot of times hear nothing back.  So I’d say it again, “Mama!” The second time I always added a little more gusto.  She may not turn towards me, but she’d always say “What do you want?”  She just knew that I “wanted” something if I called out to her.  To tell the truth, just the fact that she acknowledged me was enough, really.  But of course, if she felt it was something she needed to do or listen to, she’d tune me in.

A lot of times we think He doesn’t hear us the first time, so we ramp it up a little and call out again.  Of course we believe it when He says in His Word that His ear is always open to us.  Sometimes we need to hear, “What do you want?” and it’s enough just to know that He’s lis…