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I have these two nightgowns that I've had for years and to wear them all day when I can :). I've wondered why they just keep looking pretty good year after year after year, even tho I bought them at Walmart for next to nothin'.
Today I'm wearing the pink-checked one with various colors of "sliced lemons" splashed all over. I was headed to the bathroom a few minutes ago and again noticed that cute pink button that's on the inside just above the hem. It's obviously not in the right place...should be at the neckline where there ARE buttons :).
Was reminded again that the reason these gowns have lasted forever is they're made out of great fabric, well sewn, yet have some good thing out of place, in the wrong place....but should I care that there's a missplaced button??? No, I'll just care that this gown has lasted for probably almost 20 years...through allll those wash cycles and medium hot dryers.
Shouldn't I be reminded …


I really do like's like "here's a chance to do it over again and hopefully do it better!!!!" :).

I love beginnings....I'm a lover of "openings", "premiers", "launchings".....something about a "reset" mode, if you will.

Sooooo, here I am on a Monday afternoon....I'm beginning again to say I wanna do it better, Lord Jesus....I wanna take what I've learned from last week and bring it here to this one. And just think....I'll get to learn something this week to take into next....and the beat goes on and on and on and on. There's eternity up ahead, ya know?


Is it really true?

There are times, aren't there, that it just seems like God couldn't continue to love us when we've acted so stupidly, even in our "work" for Him.

To be honest, I think I'd have given up on this mess of folks here on earth by now, but nooooooo, I just sensed another wave of His joy and love in my heart, and He's not given up. He meant it when He said that all day He stands with His arms outstretched to a stubborn and obstinate people.

Oh boy, I'm soooooooo glad....I'm soooooooo thankful!!! I think I know of a stubborn and obstinate someone who needs those arms, mightily, right now!

It Just Doesn't Take as Much

I can easily remember when, as a kid, it took a lot to entertain me...I was always wanting to do something a little more exciting. Growing up on a farm just didn't always do it for me :).

I loved my family, loved the people there in the Oldtown community in Calhoun County, MS...and loved my friends and school friends...but I was always wanting MORE to be happening.

I just returned from a week there in that same location in North MS....funny, the things I now have "warm fuzzy" memories of are those times when little happened to entertain me that resembled what I craved as a kid.

I loved just driving around....visiting Ellard Mountain and the rock :), singing to the top of my lungs with Scarlett and Vern and Jimmy as we drove to visit Jimmy's sister in Tupelo, hugging necks and eating and visiting with my cousins at the Clark reunion, shooting fireworks (some good ones, too) on the evening of July 4th...being thankful all the while for my freedom as a citizen of the…