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Missing someone

There are days, like today, when I'm more nostalgic than I am on others. I have no clue how that works....what triggers those memories that seem to be a wee bit more than just "thinking back". It's akin to "melancholy", I guess?

I just know that I miss Paul today....I really miss him. But you know what is just glorious? I miss the stew outta him, but it's not that stabbing, empty pain that it once was. It's almost like a warm blanket of comfort that reminds me he isn't far away.

And neither are those you love who are no longer on planet earth in their body. It's is a vapor and then it's gone...and being here and gone is the finest of lines. Hallalujah!!!! Thank You, God for the memories that are continuing to heal.

Trust in the Lord

When the good times come, it's easy to get sucked into this belief that it'll always be this way...and I say "sucked in", because we seem to look and look and look for a way to have the "good times".

Of course nobody wants the "not so good times"....but let's be honest, some of our greatest "growing times" take place then. Trusting in the Lord with all your heart isn't for those who are looking and dwelling on getting to the "good times" as a goal. But those "good times" will come in your heart if you trust....whether the times are good or not so good.