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Finding Bread

Today, I want say that I’m really thankful for teachers and mentors along the way. At the time, I just took it for granted that I needed to learn and therefore needed to listen,  admitting now that I wasn’t all that great a pupil in school.  Seems I could find as zillion things to think about, dream about, plan for, look forward to…anything to get me out of the classroom setting, out there where surely it was more fun!

Now, you can bet I’m grateful for all the teaching moments.  In hindsight, I sincerely wish I’d have listened more, daydreamed less, applied myself more diligently (don't we all?), but as always, God brings it all together later on.  I’m amazed how blessed I’ve been (we all are) to have had instruction, as well as some great mentoring. Some of the greatest tools for learning have come from ordinary people caring enough to take a minute or two to listen, give some sort of help, and showing they care about me.

Remembering these things makes me want to be better about re…