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God: #1 Problem Solver

I know it comes as no surprise that challenges arise in this thing called life.  No doubt, you like me, probably wish they would be fewer in number, but I remind myself of the great Andrae Crouch line, "If I'd never had a problem, I wouldn't know God could solve them."  Recently, He's certainly been up to a lot of problem solving.

Last week, Middle Tennessee Women's Retreat (MTWR) announced new dates, April 6-8, 2018.  It's a long story, but the reason for the change had to do with the planned location being sold, resulting in changes to the cost proposal for the retreat, and all of this occurring right in the middle of when we would typically be finalizing the retreat brochure.  Because of uncertainties and holdups, we weren't even able to start the brochure until Monday of this week.  Karissa is hard at work on that project.

In the span of two weeks' time, God took what seemed impossible and proved once again that He's all about solving our p…

More Than Routine

When I woke up this morning and realized that it was time to get up and get on with the day, I was physically able to put both feet on the floor and walk to the coffee pot.
I know I’m bad to do little things like that every day and never give them a second thought.God reminded me this morning, however, that it’s those everyday things I take for granted much too often that He wants me to remember and be thankful for.How about you?What is it that you have experienced most every day of your life that you are now realizing are far more than just routine?
Before my Mama passed away, she was in a nursing home for a year….bedridden because of a lot of crippling issues in her back.She had always been full of energy, dearly loved moving fast through her days, whatever she was doing.She didn’t just water her flowers around that big farmhouse, she did it with vim and vigor, being kinda proud of how quick she could do it.But in those last months before she went to Heaven, she wasn’t able to do t…

Live, Watch, Learn

I have a friend who is old enough to be my mama. She reminds me of that often, saying she knows she’s old enough because she has a son who is my age :).

This great friend is a gift from God. Do you have those people in your life who always leave you with a better attitude and outlook on life? She has always accepted me, warts and all, and is interested in every part of my life.

Age has never entered into the dynamics of our relationship. This old thing of “generational gaps” is well-outdated, and I’m so glad!!! I do know that I learn from those who have walked the way before me, and I’m thankful there are those still making their way down the road who are respectful of those from whom they can learn.

Reuben Welch said it well, and has been quoted millions of times from his wonderful book, “We Really Do Need Each Other”. That goes for the younger teaching the older and the older teaching the younger.

I still want to learn, don’t you? Nothing thrills me more than to sense that there is …