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Commitment to Thankfulness

About 20 years ago, Mark Lowry and I found ourselves on a flight from Texas to Nashville after a weekend of Gaither Homecoming concerts.  Somewhere way up there, Mark randomly said to me, "Ann, let's make a commitment to each other that we will write down five things we're thankful for each day."  We went on to talk about the importance of being specific, writing down more than just, "thankful for a beautiful day".  We agreed they should be things more like, "Lord, I'm so thankful for being able to get out in my yard on this beautiful day," or "Thank You, Father, for the rain that's sure to be a great blessing to those flowers I've just planted."  You get the idea.

Since that day in 1997, I've purposely written down 5 specific things I am thankful for.  I admit that sometimes they would probably sound lame to others if they read them, but to me, this has been a great faith builder... a great prompter to never forget those …