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One Person Therapy Place

I have a special little place that I love…probably no big deal to anybody but me, but that’s because it’s just for me. 

I could share it, but honestly, my little courtyard in the morning is a “one woman therapy place."  Now, my courtyard isn’t decorated with beautiful fountains, awnings, or the latest in patio furniture.  The little plot of grass is fairly well-kept, and the birds sure do like my little sanctuary.  I think they really really really like my trees.  It is a beautiful little world for devotions.

This morning was a spectacular one at my umbrella table.  Reading in the Word about the goodness of the Lord, then looking up into that azure blue sky while being serenaded by cardinals, mockingbirds and whoever else.  His goodness on display…now that’s the way to begin a day! 

I hope you have a “one person therapy place.”  If not, just think about tomorrow morning and create a special place for you and God…and maybe some birds, trees and blue skies.

Live for Hard Work

We are responsible for ourselves, aren’t we?  For anyone who cares to notice, it is no secret that a huge shift toward entitlement mentality has taken place.  When did this begin?

History demonstrates that those before us were diligent pioneers.  From staking homesteads to laying the groundwork for today's infrastructure, they were proud of hard work and created a new way of life for themselves and their families.  They didn’t sit around waiting for someone or something to do it for them, and they certainly weren't waiting for government to step in and provide.  They were simply thankful and did all they knew to do for this new world because they’d sacrificed heavily for the opportunity.  Hard work was normal, not exceptional.  People were grateful for healthy bodies that were able to do SOMETHING.   They were thankful for the help of others, but they didn't expect it, and while I wasn't there, I have a feeling there was far less bitterness and resentment as a result.