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Attitude Does Make a Difference

This past weekend, I had the privilege of having a long time good friend in one of my services...and then enjoyed lunch with her and her family. 

She's dealt with brain cancer for the past two's been tough, even with her usual "positive spin" on the days and nights since getting the news and prognosis, I knew these had been some of her hardest times ever. 

I wonder why her emails to me don't leave me depressed and feeling hopeless in thinking about my future?  Why didn't I "feel sorry for her" as we reminisced over lunch on Sunday?  I did want to cry in seeing that there are limitations as to what she can do and not do yet, and her gorgeous long hair isn't there as it once was, though she had made what she had to be the cutest "do". 

I know, I think, why I love to hear from her, why I run to her Facebook page to hear what she's doing with this day, knowing some of what she's dealing with.  She refuses to allow her ch…