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Wise Choices... Putting God Before Popularity

In 2018, let's be original. Let's be deep thinkers. Rather than waiting until someone says something about the ridiculousness in our world and jumping on the bandwagon, let's be the ones who start the conversation. "Bbbbbbbbut I might lose friends."
If your friend is only your friend when you agree with them, it seems to me you have no friend at all. God's Word is God's Word. It is either 100% true or 100% false. Hebrews tells us that God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Revelation tells us that He will spew the lukewarm from His mouth. All of that put together tells me that there is an unchanging level of holiness and right living we should seek to attain. May we all carefully choose who we will serve this new year and beyond.

2018: Here's to Letting God Do More

Yes, it’s a new year…another chance to do it better? For some of us, it’s about being able to “break even”:).
Seriously, do you find it exciting to be making plans for 2018? I do. I want to remember the lessons of 2017, reflect back on those things I let go, and of course, letting go was the challenge of the year!!! But there is a great sense of relief when I am able trust Him enough to walk on ahead, having done what He’s led me to do, believing He’ll take care of unfinished business for me. It’s hard to step on out in faith, to close my eyes and jump into the unknowns, but truly, that’s the most glorious road to freedom of the soul and spirit.
May we walk in faith every day of this new year. As we move on in trust, we will surely find supernatural strength from the Holy Spirit who DOES know the way!!!