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It does make a difference

Recently I attended the ceremony inducting some folks into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame.  I went at the invitation of a friend, Sheri and her daughter, Averi, who drove up from North Georgia and invited Karissa and me to join them.  I'd not been to one of these induction ceremonies in many years, maybe once since my induction in 1998. 

To be honest, I'm not usually sure of what to expect when I walk into these kinds of events...times like this is when I really do miss another side of Paul, he was completely at ease walking into a room without any preconceptions as what to expect.  I'd just "hang onto his coattail" and walk right in with him greeting everybody, most of the time making them feel much better than they did before he came into the room. 

I don't do as well as Paul, so last night I wasn't having tooooo great a time until I started seeing some faces that I hadn't seen in ages...hollering with glee at some of those faces...hugging, laughing,…