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Showing posts from March, 2016

Always Together

Sometimes, I'm a little sentimental concerning folks I am not in contact with as much as I’d like to be.  I think I take after my Daddy who used to say, “It’s hard to enjoy you being here for thinking about you having to leave.”

In the past, I didn’t understand that, and still don’t very often let myself “go there.”  I believe we are to live to the Nth degree of enjoying and celebrating our moments together because we draw strength from each other.

But I do find myself holding on a little tighter to those I love, thankful for being loved by them.  Sometimes I just don’t want to leave them.  Perhaps that’s another reason we are so thankful for the promise of Heaven.  We won’t have to spend ANY time thinking about how sad it’s gonna be when we’re no longer together.

Simply Stand

It isn't always easy to stand by the principles by which we stake our lives.  As a committed Christian, seeking God’s mind and heart each day, we just know that we know what’s right and what isn’t.  I truly believe God plants wisdom down deep in our souls to be able to discern His will, if we keep seeking Him.

I remember a well- beloved minister of the gospel saying…”if you aren’t sure of the next step to take, then don’t take one…stand there until you know that you know beyond a shadow of a doubt what’s right”.

I’m going spend more time “standing”, I think…unafraid, of course, but not moving without His assurance in my soul that “this is the way, walk ye in it”.