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Give and Take

My next door neighbors, Joe and Bettye, have sold their house and moved to a nearby city.

I miss them already.  Joe, especially, was a very good friend.  He kept his eye out for what he referred to as the “widow ladies” in our neighborhood.  He was low key about it.   The last thing he ever wanted was praise or attention for what he did. 

As far as I’m concerned, that’s a strong character trait.  I would love to be known as someone who is consistent in what I do for others, but not for doing it in an effort to bring attention to how wonderful I am. 

You wanna join me in becoming more of a giver and less of an “attention seeker”?  I think we’d make better neighbors if we did.


I’m a dreamer, but I’ve been known to look back a lot, too.

What does that mean?  It means I don’t always live TODAY to the fullest. 

We don’t have the promise of tomorrow.  We can’t go back and redo yesterday.  What can we do?
We can live today, experiencing every second!!!  I love how Bill and Gloria Gaither have always written songs like “We Have This Moment Today”…taking those very ordinary things such as a cup of coffee, ketchup on their kids' noses, or playing baseball with a grandmother to encourage us to look at it all….those ordinary events that can whiz passed.  If we aren’t careful, we’ll miss something that could be life-changing. 

I don’t know why we look for the big stuff…missing the little stuff in the process.  To get His point across, hasn’t God used those ordinary daily things like playing with children, fishing, plowing in the field more than He's used the magnificent things like parting seas, rescuing from lions’ dens, feeding thousands with hardly anything to …

Grinning vs. Groaning

My knees aren’t as healthy as they used to be.  I can go for days with hardly a notice that they are older than they were 5 years ago.  And then WHAM, they start “talking” very loudly to let me know they are indeed a wee bit older than yesterday.

I’ve been sitting for quite a while today at my computer trying to catch up during a very busy time for Ann Downing Ministries (and I love every minute of it).  In fact, I was concentrating so hard ‘til I failed to notice anything different.  That is,  until I started to stand up.  Then, there was that big WHAM.  In fact, if I were to be reaaaaallll honest today, I’d say there have been quite a few “WHAMS” this year already.

I had a choice to make…keep groaning every time I sat down and got up or I could get my trusty little Pain-A-Trate out and do a good rubdown on my painful knees.  I groaned at first, then went for the little tube.  By the time I got back to my ‘puter, that cool, healing balm had begun its work, and as I type this, my knees …