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Always My Best Friend

My best friend is suffering from that dreaded disease called Alzheimers.

Unless God performs a miracle, Dolly will not be here on earth a lot longer, and without a miracle, during her final days, weeks, months (or however long the Lord chooses to let her remain here) she won't be the Dolly I've always known.

I have memories of such beautiful moments with Dolly.  A lot of them, actually, took place during the most painful times of my life.  When my Paul was dying in a Kentucky hospital (for 56 days and nights), Dolly stayed with me in the critical care waiting room every night.  This was after teaching 3rd grade kiddos all day.

I also have fun memories.  We traveled through Europe together two summers in a row.  One time an airline didn't get my product box on the flight with us.  When we landed in Florida and discovered it had gone on its own adventure, Dolly referred to it as "exciting" while I was huffin' and puffin' about what I was gonna do!  She had a k…

Spiritual Hearing Aid?

When talking to people, do you ever say something and the other person has to ask more than once what you've said?  As far as you know, they aren't hard of hearing, and you speak rather clearly.  What's up with that?

Could it be that we simply aren't very good at listening?  Maybe we mumble too much and people start to tune us out?  I honestly think we try to hear too many things; we are afraid to focus on any one voice at the risk of not being "in the know" about EVERY VOICE around us.

Sadly, I'm afraid I try to "stay tuned" to every sound around me, even when praying.  I know I can't hear ALL He tries to say to me, but not because He's speaking too softly.  My ears just aren't always in tune with the right voice... His voice.

He is the only one able to hear it all... all at once.  So, what should we do?  I believe I'm going to work harder on blocking out the mumbled clutter and ask Him for a spiritual hearing aid.  What will you d…

Plan then pray? OR Pray then plan?

One of my favorite authors is Patrick Morley.  I really do like his book, "Waiting with Christ in the Details of Life."

I recently read this prayer of surrender from that great book:  "Lord, I must confess that my way has been "plan, then pray."  I have wanted to do good things for You; my movies have been to please You.  But I realize that I have built shelters You didn't need and never used.  I have wasted so much valuable time on matters that don't matter.  I surrender all my plans to You, Lord.  I will forget them.  I will pray, then plan.  I will pray and wait for You to come and touch me and say, 'Get up.  Don't be afraid.'  I am listening now, Lord.  Instruct me with Your plan.  Amen."

I have to confess; I've been guilty.  Far too many times I plan, and then pray for God to bless my plan when I should be praying and then planning as I sense God beginning to work...listening for His "go" and His "stop."