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Wow, just experienced another Christmas season.....waiting for the New Year. Don't know about you, but this week "in between" is sorta "different" for me, started to say "weird", but that doesn't sound's just a mixture, I think, of joy, rest, peace, sinkin' a little, reflecting, bit of fear of the future...trying to let go, looking ahead.

Right now, I have a deep thankfulness in my little heart and soul that in looking back on 2011, I can see His Hand more clearly now...why it takes me getting to the end to see it that clearly, don't know! In looking towards 2012, not sure what to think....but I'm thinking I'm thinking that if His Hand has been clearly visible and active in my 2011, then surely He's just gonna be more and more involved in 2012. That's what I'm thinkin' and believin' right now on this Wednesday evening.

I'm kinda thinkin' that I'll have as much of Him in the upcoming …