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There's been a lot discussed this week about the shutdown of the government. 

One thing that hit me really hard was what appeared to be a deliberate effort to keep the World War II memorial closed to the public, even to those veterans who'd traveled hundreds of miles to be there, something scheduled for weeks and months. 

This was so unnecessary in that the memorials weren't "manned" by anyone, open-air places to pay respects to those who suffered and suffered in honor to protect our country and keep its freedoms. 

Seems we have an epidemic of disrespect for those who have done more than most of us today would even attempt to do.  Someone said..."If we don't know where we've been, then we don't really know where we're going".  I say this applies to our history...our wonderful USA's history of sacrifice and determination that has kept this the free nation it was established on. 

It's past time for a good dose of respect for where …