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Moving the Mountain

Just read something that struck me in my deep gut of faith today.....
"Don't measure the size of the to the One Who can move it".

Oh often do I do that? Not very, I'm guilt-ridden to say. How many times have I analyzed, measured, calculated the "mountain", only to be exhausted and without answers.

Ultimately, I won't have the answers, will I? Unless they're HIS...and sometimes they seem an eternity in coming! Why does He do that??? :). Later on we always know, don't we?

I'm facing a huge mountain right now....probably 5 years ago I'd have said I couldn't do this....I still can't, but HE CAN MOVE IT....or help me around it, maybe even mine my way through? Don't know, but I don't have the "measuring tools" adequate to do the figurin' out, but He has the WAY!!!

Can we let 'em say it?

I don’t know…maybe I’m just picky, weird, you can define me , but it sorta bothers me that we aren’t too good at listening to someone sharing a special encouragement they’ve received or learned without seeming to feel we just gotta try and point out how we’ve also been there, done that….and honestly it comes across as if we’re saying “I can top you”.

I am sure that many of these comebacks aren’t intentional, but can we try a little harder to give them a “great”, “proud of you”, “proud for you”, “praising with you”, or something akin? In other words, let them have their “moment” .