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God Looking In

"When we sing, when we pray, when we praise when we sing, He blesses again, and's just God looking in". Aren't you glad He chooses to "look in" on what’s happening in our days as we journey towards Heaven?

Years ago I was in a beautiful church in Corpus Christi, TX...Sunday morning. It was a gorgeous day. In pastor's opening comments he said, "God, it's so obvious that You're looking in on us today.” Just as he said that, my eyes were drawn to a skylight just over the platform area…sunshine was pouring in, and the thought came to me that He IS looking in, and is that evermore something to celebrate? I think so. Thus, Dwight Liles and I wrote that song--GOD LOOKING IN.

I admit that in looking back over my life, there were times I would have probably preferred that He not be looking in on me.  You know, those times we blow it big time and know our attitude isn’t anything akin to having the mind of Christ.  Those times when our action…

Trusting Him in the New Year

This year of 2017 is still rather new.  At least for me it is.  I haven’t walked slowly since we entered this great year.

As I am beginning to think of the next 11 months, I don’t want to get lost in the “oh my, life is so hard, what in the world am I gonna do” frame of mind.  I admit that I don’t know what I’m gonna do about certain things (important things), but my goodness, HE’S ALREADY THERE.

We don’t walk in unknown paths… it’s all known to Him.  I’m sure my thoughts and words too often communicate a sense of being scared to death that He has run out of ideas, can’t come up with any new plans for my future, just doesn’t know which road to take.

May I never forget that my days were planned for me before one of them came to be…they were planned…my part is to be obedient.