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I’m a dreamer, but I’ve been known to look back a lot, too.

What does that mean?  It means I don’t always live TODAY to the fullest. 

We don’t have the promise of tomorrow, do we?  We can’t go back and redo yesterday, can we?  What can we do?

We can live today, experiencing every second!!!  I love how Bill and Gloria Gaither have always written songs like “We Have This Moment Today” taking those very ordinary things such as a cup of coffee, ketchup on their kid’s nose, playing baseball with a grandmother encouraging us to look at it all….the ordinary events that can whiz by, if we aren’t careful, causing us to miss something that could be life changing. 

I don’t know why we look for the big stuff, especially when God uses more ordinary daily things like playing with children, fishing, plowing in the field, etc. to get His point across in scripture.  Sure, He’s parted seas, delivered men from lions’ dens, fed thousands with hardly any supplies, and these are all works of God from which to …

How Precious Are Your Thoughts

Several years ago John Darin Rowsey and I wrote “How Precious Are Your Thoughts”, getting inspiration from the 139th Psalm.

I’ve always loved Psalm 139 – the entire chapter!!!   I encourage us all to read it every day.  My husband, Paul, said he memorized most of it just to remind himself that he was not a mistake… that he was planned in the heart of God ON PURPOSE!

My Mama was a “counter”….she was constantly keeping track of how many white houses we’d pass on the right, how many tiles were in the ceiling of a waiting room, etc.  She was always engaged!

Is it any wonder that I wanted to write a song around that wonderful Scripture which reminds us that if we could count His thoughts towards us, they would outnumber the grains of sand?  I know we can’t count them… except I’m sure Mama could go a long way J…but we can be lifted up today in remembering He loves us far more than we can even dream and thinks of us more than we can imagine.