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Wow....does it seem to anyone else that absolute truth isn't as important as it once was? 

 I'm amazed how people in high places aren't necessarily held accountable for what they say. 
Too many times there are those who "spin" the story in an attempt, or so it seems to me, to make it go either way.  "Oh, I didn't really SAY that"..or "what I really am saying was"....

I don't know, but I can remember as a kid I would get sick to my stomach if I'd not told the truth about something.  I couldn't carry the weight of that guilt, so I'd HAVE to make it right.  Do we still do that?  Do we just kinda think something akin to "oh, if nobody finds out, it won't hurt anybody or anything". 

But doesn't it hurt YOU...the one trying to justify the lie?  Lordy, according to Lillie and Ernest Sanders, my parents...who modeled the importance of always telling the truth by the way they lived before can't "sp…

Blogging 101, Anyone?

Well... surprise surprise.  Technology is not my strong point.  Was there ever a question?  This blog has been idle because I couldn't get anything to post.  Karissa, who works with me, was able to sit down and get it going again in about five minutes!  It is amazing how easily a brain raised beginning in a certain decade figures out these technological things.  The long and short of it is this... AnnD was off the blog for several months.  Now, I'm back!  Keep watching.  I'll be posting.