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In watching Game 1 of the World Series between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Texas Rangers, and seeing just now one of the Rangers striking out, I'm reminded how so many times that ball has missed my bat, as well :).

We grin, but don't we sometimes dodge the truth, if we can? Yeah, I've been way tooooooo slow in taking responsibility for "missing it"....would be so much easier to fuss about that ball continuing to miss my bat. I first heard this scenario from Gloria Gaither....seems that Benjy, as a little guy, and his grandmother were playing baseball and he frustratingly blurted out...."You did it again, Grandmother, you missed my bat again".:). Of course I grinned and thought to myself how cute Benjy's comment was.

Now, after a lot of's just kinda convicting. How can God forgive that which I don't "own"? How can He help me to work through losses, goofups, disappointing circumstances if I won't admit my p…

Do I really see?

As I'm lovin' a simply gorgeous few days here in my little Middle Tennessee part of the world, I find myself more and more praying something like "Oh dear Lord, please don't let me miss anything as I'm walking around the block, driving to the post office, sitting in a long line at the bank's drive-thru lane...please focus my eyes upward, around, down, wherever You are 'showing up'.

I'm sorry to say that I've been notorious in going for days with scales over my eyes, I guess, 'cause I know I've missed a lot of God's handiwork and joy! I don't wanna do that any longer.

One of my best friends of encouragement, Bob Benson, used to say something like..."if you can walk 50 yards anywhere and not see Him, hear Him, feel Him, then you just aren't seeing, hearing, feeling. I agree, Bob Benson!!!!