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Solo Mio Place or Holy Omniscient Highway... Which Path will You Choose?

Do you think we really want to be disciplined by the Lord?

We say we want to be closer to Him, but just let Him pin-point those unattractive areas that aren't like Him.  We kick.  We scream.  We demand our own way, which is usually absent of any commitments. We shrink from making tough choices that could mean getting rid of some of the "toys" we lean on when times get "not so easy."  Why do we do this?  Don't we know by now that His ways are better than ours?  In reality, those things we think we just HAVE to have can't hold a candle to what He has in store for us...even here on earth.

Why don't we try this the next time we stand at the intersection of Solo Mio Place and Holy Omniscient Highway... let's strive to honestly trust in Him and His ways, not just talk about how badly we need to, but sincerely commit and live up those commitments... as He surely has!?

Calm Like a Squirrel

Sitting out in my courtyard during my devotion time this morning, I was reminded of God's big world, and also His small world.

The sky was beyond blue.  The leaves of the poplar tree were completely still.  Most folks were already at work, so there was little traffic noise.  It was so quiet and peaceful that a squirrel sauntered across the roof of my neighbor's garage (my place is attached to that garage) oblivious to my sitting right below him.  He wasn't in a hurry.  He wasn't frantic or scared... at least not that I could tell (I guess I could have whispered something to him :) ).  He just continued in his own little world, probably making a decision as to where he'd search for that next acron to store away for winter.

Why do I get frantic and sooooo scared of "what could be?"  Likely, if I'd look up to the sky more often, whisper a prayer for God's protection more often, listen for His response more often, I'd have more peace of mind and h…

Outgrowing Self-Centered Christianity

There is something about having the privilege to be an influence in someone else's life...something very special.

Sometimes, we don't realize we're an influence, but more times than not, I think we know when God has anointed us to affect someone else's walk, appointed us the opportunity to support someone else in their daily walk with Him.

I'm sure you'll agree; it is devastating to learn that God has brought someone into our life, someone to help along the way, and we fail to see it.  Oh my, I know I've blown it!  I have wished many times that I could pick up the phone and call a dear soul who I later realize was led to my pathway by the Lord.  I missed an opportunity to be His tool of ministry and guidance because I was too self-centered, or too busy, or too wrapped up in my own "stuff" to be a "listener," "helper," "lover of their soul."

Jeff Steele and I wrote song that Karissa just recorded.  It fits these though…