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Can we please try to remember that this isn't Heaven yet...we're on the way, an imperfect journey, but we're gettin' there....together. I need for you to walk with me, I want to walk with you, we aren't walking alone...I need for you to be a little patient every now and then and you need me to be a little patient now and then. Thank you for bearing with our journey together...that we will be grown up boys and girls, as best as we can....


Recently we had a fundraiser for Middle Tennessee Women's Retreat that I host each year in the Nashville, TN area. We sold bulbs...all kinds.

I love spring flowers. As a kid growing up in Mississippi,we had hillsides' full of jonquils, iris, hyancinths, etc, that were a clear sign that spring wasn't all that far away. I decided to get several different kinds of bulbs to plant in my courtyard and around the oak tree outside my front door, around some shrubs out there...I got 'em everywhere :).

Now that's all well and good....but I'm having quite the challenge!!! I have to fight the urge to go out there and scratch around in that loose dirt to see what's happenin' under the surface. I'm soooo anxious to see green things piping up outta that dirt!!!! I wanna see the blooms tomorrow.

Anything ring a bell here with anyone? Yeah, we plant a seed, really do want to trust God with it, and yet, far too often we "cave in" to trying to check…