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Making it ok...

Oh would be great if we could make all things alright for all people, wouldn't it?

I mean, when you know that you know that you know you've blown it with someone, didn't really think things through and boobooed big time and then apologized God's way, then what do you do? I'm learning through this thick head that it's ok if they don't choose to "like me" while they're hearing what I say in the way of an apology, yet "smarting" over what I said or did that they feel "made" them feel badly.

What do we do? We just ask God to help you love 'em, you think? Is that it? Is that enough? It may not be to them right now, but it will be...and it can be for us right at this moment.

Come to think of it...I'm sure grateful that a lot of people have let God love me through them after I've ripped their hearts to shreds. Yep, you just love 'em....knowing God does, too.

There's Still a Cross

Earlier this year, I released a new CD. Of course, I always have my favs from each one, sorta. However this particular CD includes songs I've co-written, all but one, and in going back over some of the lyrics today (trying to learn 'em to stage 'em), I'm finding words that have been poured onto paper that I don't even remember thinking, much less writing down.

I truly think God speaks many times in ways that we aren't at the time even consciously aware of.

Today found me going over and over "There's Still a Cross"....I don't remember Daryl W and me saying this in that writing room several years ago, but this is profound to me today....."The sinless blood of Christ redeems each guilty life....the highest price is settled on that hill".

Today, you may not have consciously thought of that "price", but don't miss the truth. THE PRICE HAS BEEN SETTLED BY JESUS. And...

THERE'S STILL A CROSS where sins are washed away…