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Why Write a Song?

I’d been asked over and over and over if I wrote…I’d say, “oh no, I just enjoy interpreting what someone else has already written”.Not a bad answer, but it wore thin, and God finally got my attention.

When Paul passed away and I made the decision to go back out on this singing/speaking ministry, I found myself having to do everything.I did all the booking, packing, setting up, tearing down, travel plans, correspondence and all office duties…along with trying to have a minute here and there to spend with friends in an attempt to build a new life as a single woman.I would give myself the excuse, concerning songwriting, that I just didn’t have time.I even said to God several times with confidence that if I had some part-time help, I could possibly have time to concentrate on writing.Well, one day THAT part-time help came along…what was I gonna say now???

Then one morning I was sitting at my kitchen table involved in my morning devotions’ time and the thought went through my mind that it se…