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"Why Should He Love Me So?"

Oh wow, haven't heard this song, "Why Should He Love Me So?" in many a moon....then all of a sudden today it started traveling in my head and down to my heart. I'll have to say it didn't put me on one of those trips where I feel like a "worm", not worthy of love of any kind from anybody for any reason. It did start me to thinking that it really is an amazing mystery how God, my Abba Father, could love me so much. That got me to remembering that classic of Dottie Rambo's... "He left the splendor of Heaven, knowing His destiny 'twas the lonely hill of Golgatha, there to lay down His life for me... If that isn't love, the ocean is dry, there're no stars in the sky, and the sparrow can't fly If that isn't love, then Heaven's a myth, there's no feeling like this, it that isn't love" It's now floating around in my head and heart that I don't have to dig and dig and dig to know why He'd love me so…


I always knew I had a good woman for a Mama. Mama wasn’t known for her words, although she spoke plenty of good ones!! Her favorite way, in my opinion, to show her love for my sister, Lavern, and me was in her consistent, quiet steadfast support, many times not saying a word but just being there as if to say, “nothing can make me not believe in you and love you”. I’ve learned a lot from Mama….and the more days that pass since she went to Heaven just confirm that she was one of the wisest women who ever lived. Every morning in my devotions’ time as I’m journalizing I most always write out my thanks to God for my Mama….and the legacy she left behind. Mama went to Heaven on Mother’s Day, 2005. I only hope and pray that the rest of my life here on earth reflects just a smidgen of her grace and dignity…and consistent love. I sure do miss you, Mama!!! Ann D