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The Value of People

Sometimes I like to eat at Waffle House, especially in the evenings.
 Of course there are Waffle Houses on about every corner in a big part of the United States, and that’s true around where I live.
Recently, my Wednesday night Bible Study/Prayer Meeting leader challenged us to be conscious of trying to be an encourager to those we bump into in the everyday world.   He suggested that we do what we can to “value them”…say something that can brighten up their day, give them a reminder that they really do matter. 
Last week, the opportunity presented itself.  You guessed it, at Waffle House.  I love the way they scramble eggs!  Karissa and I commented to each other how good they were this particular night.  I looked up and saw that the cook was looking over our way. I pointed to my plate and gave him a thumbs up, with a smile on my face…then said out loud, “These are great scrambled eggs.”  He broke into the widest grin I think I’ve ever seen.  And for the remainder of our time there, I’m not sure his feet hit the floor while doing his thing with expert duty at that grill.

I do believe all of that said to this cook that he was more than just somebody to fix my eggs, raisin toast and plain hash browns; HE IS A VALUED PERSON OF WORTH.


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These are hard days.  It's tough for ministries.  It's tough for churches.  It's tough for parents.  It's tough for men, and it's tough for women.  It's tough to know who you can trust and who you can't.  It's tough to weed out fact from a preponderance of fiction.  In general, life is hard.    Did you know the Bible promises that life will be hard?  In a recent conversation with Ann about the overall decline of the church... why congregations take off and then systematically shrink and ultimately dissolve... I believe the Lord dropped a relevant truth into my heart.  It's not anything I haven't said before, but it is in a different context.    I'm seeing a trend in making converts without discipleship.  And, in the cases where discipling does take place, I fear there is some error in the teaching which could, in very large part, be responsible for the decline of the American church.    God is love.  On this we should all be able to agree.  …

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